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Give my gallery a look if you enjoy morphs of thick women, Halo screenshots, kisekae girls, and other pictures.


:heart: I love inflation art :heart:



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Hello and welcome to my page. Enjoy your stay ^w^

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I would call some of these fetishes and my interests, that most people would not like.


Weight gain

Body expansion


Blueberry transformation




Getting squished


Force Feeding

Stuffing clothes, till I look fat ^^

All kinds of bellies

Big booties


I'm sooo close to 400 watchers ^^ Woo hoo!!! Thank you all for getting me this far, I could not have done it, without you guys and gals Love

Huggle! Hugs for all

Update: My battle with depression is getting better, I'm winning this fight and I will not let it get to me
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Hey hey people, this guy has joined Instagram ^_^ so follow me on there.

Hello people!! My computer is down for now, I'm getting it fixed soon.
I'm sooo close to 400 watchers ^^ Woo hoo!!! Thank you all for getting me this far, I could not have done it, without you guys and gals Love

Huggle! Hugs for all

Update: My battle with depression is getting better, I'm winning this fight and I will not let it get to me
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I'm back from visiting my friends house ^^ We have not seen each other in a very long time, so say the least. I hope nobody missed me :) I will try to post some art on here soon c: The past week, I went to see Weird Al in concert and it was a blast :D He played  songs from his new album and sung a few old ones.

I may start a thing, where I ask questions in my journal or in a picture, who knows what I will do.

Question time!!!

Question One: What games are you looking forward to this year??
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I'm still alive ^^ I have been busy with life :(
Rapid weight gain program 000

Rapid weight gain program. This test program was designed by LOG (Lab Of Generation) On the left we have Abby, one of our head scientist in the weight gain/vore department, she’s training four of our test subjects (Info about them will be at the bottom) In this new program of ours, the test subjects will experience weight gain over the course of the program, mainly around the belly, hips and ass area. In the end of the program, Abby will conduct her vore process, which is consuming all four of the test subjects at once, thus causing weight gain throughout her beautiful body.


Info about the four Test Subjects. This test program has the subjects injected with a weight gain serum; the serum contains fat cells and will rapidly multiply into more than a few cells, thus causing the subjects to gain weight.

Test subject One: Name: Classified. She’s in the first stage of rapid weight gain, and she’s not ready to be eaten yet, there is more time for her to grow.

Test Subject Two: Name Classified. This one is more towards the middle of gaining weight.

Test Subject Three: Name Classified. We have the second to last girl, who’s is much bigger in size then the last two; soon she will be read for consumption by Abby.

Test Subject Four: Name Classified. Look at her, she is far from skinny and she’s ready to be eaten by Abby, her body has handle the serum very nicely, which caused her to gain a ton of weight, which most of it resides in her plump belly.


All Subjects will go through four stages of weight gain, stage one will start the process of them getting custom to the serum, stage two is about them putting on a small amount of weight around the hips and thighs, in stage three, well can start to see more of the subject gaining a bit of weight, stage four will cause the serum to kick into overdrive thus causing the subjects to fatten up rather quickly, their hips extend, asses swell up like balloons and legs puff up like two cream puffs. There is a test subject number five, however this is still classified and later on, and this info will be released to the public.


This Test info is brought to you by Lab Of Generations.

Leave a comment.

Make sure to check out our BlueBerry test subject…

    The title of my journal is from a song called I still can't stop by Flux Pavilion, if you happen to enjoy dubstep a whole lot, then this song is for you, yet if you do not enjoy dubstep, then it's not for you.  Currently I'm sitting on my ass, in the living room of my apartment, writing this and listing to girls just wanna have fun (yes it's a girl song and no I don't care what people think of me, for listing to it lol) I happen to really like the 80's song, it has such fun charm to it really, are there any 80's music lovers out there?

This year has been a rather a difficult year, due to losing so many people, that I care so deeply for, yet I know they are in a better place then here. There is a few things that I'm am excited for right now and that is, Fallout 4 is coming out this year and the game looks fantastic as ever, with newer looking power armor that resembles more of a tank, that's how power armor should be and that is why you need training to drive it, because it's like a tank that you wear to kick ass and take names, you can now customize the look of your power armor, with many different pieces and of course you can place decals upon the front of the chest piece. Weapons can now be customize in many new ways, with longer barrels, scopes, and tons more of attachments,it looks like that Bethesda took note on customizing weapons to a grater extent and now we will be able to do so. There is a new addition with building your own player home or settlement, so there are set locations to build these things and you go around the wasteland, collecting bits of junk to build said homes or settlements, now we will need to defend our home from raiders and perhaps other foes, this will have use creating traps, turrets other means to protect our home from such invaders. This is the last thing I wanna talk about for the game, and that is the two characters you will choose from, there is the male player and female player to choose from, from the game play we see st E3, it shows them both standing in front of a mirror in the bathroom, then you can morph their faces by pulling parts of their faces, like in the sims 4, we also know that the two characters are voiced and they will of course read whichever dialog option you pick from a wheel, just like in mass effect. Okay I am ready for Fallout 4! I have perorder my Pipboy edition from Bestbuy, make sure to get them quick, because people left and right are ordering them like hotcakes.

Who is ready for Fallout 4 and what are you looking forward to in the game?
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Wow Doge ID by Zombie-Spartan
Wow Doge ID
Anyone can use my Doge ID for their own use ^^ Make sure to give me credit, please and thank you.

Doge is best Dog ever :D

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